Who are we?

We are a two person audio engineering service, and we mostly work over the Internet. We are:

  • John Buckman
    • I've been a musician for 25 years and play jazz guitar, rock guitar, electric bass, renaissance lute, and viola da gamba.
    • I was the main keynote speaker at the 2012 Audio Engineering Society annual conference in Budapest.
    • In my 20s I composed music for television and film.
    • I run the music web sites Magnatune, MoodMixes and iLicenseMusic.
    • I was mentored in audio engineering by the renowned recording expert David Tayler.
    • In the illustration above, I'm the hat-wearing gnome operating the recording equipment.

  • Bugs Harpley:
    • I am John's assistant, and I do most of the grunt work, including most of the audio editing and all the artwork.
    • Many years ago, I was an accountant, which is why I'm good with details!
    • John supervises everything I do. The fact that I do so much of the hard work is what keeps our prices so low.
    • In the illustration above, I'm the small bug holding the microphone.

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