Our prices

We charge $45 (USA) per hour (€35/hour EU or £30/hour UK).

We only charge you for working time, not for email and phone conversations.

We're happy to provide you with a "not-to-exceed" bid price for your project: contact us.

We accept payments via Paypal, credit cards, bank wire, checks and chocolate.

Special offer!

Receive 10 professional quality CDs from your live recording.

For the all-inclusive price of $900 (€750 EU or £600 UK) we will:

  • remove hiss
  • standardize volume differences
  • improve (or create) the stereo image
  • remove applause, talking, cheers, etc...
  • improve the ambience, feel and echo of the room sound.
  • break up a single, long recording into separate tracks
  • fade the sound in and out at each song
  • create artwork
  • manufacturer 10 store-quality CDs
  • ship it all to you

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